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Fundraising Campaigns Case Study: Achieving 800% ROI and Raising $700,000

Helping A Local Hunger-Relief Organization Put More Food on the Table

The Challenge

A local hunger-relief organization hired Compu-Mail in 2018 to begin producing their fundraising campaigns. The organization’s goal was to identify a way to put more food on the table by decreasing production cost and increasing average gift size. They were also looking to regain some creative control that they did not have with their previous vendor.

The Solution

As this hunger-relief organization’s marketing partner, Compu-Mail has worked with their team to create custom mail packages that were unique to the Rochester community, an important factor for a food bank’s fundraising success. The creative was paired with multiple donor segments, and executed flawlessly.

Compu-Mail has also assisted the organization with various tests for optimizing their fundraising efforts and determine what works best for increasing response. It was found that while smaller packages perform well, the cost of a package with a premium inside or anything that deviate from the norm (a #10 envelope package) typically reduces return on investment.

It was also found that adding more diverse and segmented cultivation mailings in 2019 was helpful for engaging donors that hadn’t given in some time. This resulted in an increase in annual donor engagement, as well as their bottom line.

For acquisition mailings, while this type of campaign may show a loss initially, they are successful for adding new donors. The organization’s retention rate for new donor acquisition is above industry standards (32-36% instead of 23%).

Other tests showed that Informed Delivery® provides additional touchpoints for response and that sending thank you cards and Thanksgiving cards is an effective way to stay in touch with donors.

Through these tests and their partnership with Compu-Mail, the hunger-relief organization has raised almost $700,000 to help people put food on the table.

“Compu-Mail has been a tremendous partner for us. They have really helped us grow in the last couple of years.” -Chief Marketing Officer for the hunger-relief organization


Since working with Compu-Mail

  • 800% ROI on cultivation mailings
  • 32% increase in average gift size
  • Almost $700,000 raised to help people put food on the table