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Boost Customer Engagement: USPS Informed Delivery® Interactive Campaigns

Increasing Customer Engagement with USPS Informed Delivery®


Many marketers find themselves looking for new ways to engage their customers and donors. Compu-Mail has identified an opportunity to increase customer engagement by providing a way to interact with a mail piece digitally before it is delivered.


Compu-Mail recommends that marketers supplement their direct mail with USPS Informed Delivery® Interactive Campaigns. The goal is to provide recipients the ability to preview the mail and shop or donate online before the mail piece is delivered at their home.

Informed Delivery® is a service from the USPS that is designed to allow mail recipients to see images of what will be in their mailbox later that day. The default image for Informed Delivery® is a grayscale scan of each letter-sized mail piece that was processed through USPS’s automated equipment that day. The images are made available through a daily email feed or an online dashboard.

Marketers have the opportunity to supplement or replace the default grayscale image with Interactive Campaigns,which are more compelling full color images that do not have to be from the physical mail piece, and are designed to look like more like a banner ad.

In addition, a URL can be added to direct users to any website, landing page or social media site. This content then becomes part of the Informed Delivery® email and dashboard and ultimately offers more impressions for mailers. This allows for online interaction before mail delivery, and acts as an additional touchpoint for response.

The synergies created by leveraging direct mail in conjunction with USPS Informed Delivery® increase customer and donor engagement for each organization that has tried this service.


Includes automotive, nonprofit, and retail clients.