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How Watching The Bachelor Can Help You Find A Business Partner

Tonight, Ben Higgins will choose the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. While it may not seem like it at first glance, the process he went through to get to this point is similar to the process that a business goes through to choose a business partner.

Let’s use a scenario of ABC Company looking for a mail service provider (MSP) and see how it compares to The Bachelor.

Who’s Who

The Bachelor

  • Bachelor Ben is the man looking for the woman he wants to marry.
  • Bachelor ABC Company is the business looking for the mail service provider that they want a (hopefully long-term) business partnership with.


  • Contestants on the show are approximately 25 women competing for the chance to fall in love with, and be proposed to by, Bachelor Ben.
  • Contestants in business are MSP’s competing for a chance to be selected for a business partnership with Bachelor ABC Company.

Whether your company is the Bachelor or one of the contestants, let’s take a closer look at a few key scenarios from the show and see how they relate to business.

Key Scenarios

First Impression Rose

  • Bachelor Ben meets all of the women in the first episode of the season, and picks the woman that made the best first impression on him.
  • Bachelor ABC Company spends time researching contestants, by looking at websites and making inquiries about a company’s product/service offerings. Those who have easy-to-navigate websites and provide thoughtful and thorough responses are the ones that make the best first impressions on Bachelor ABC Company.

One-On-One Dates

  • Bachelor Ben takes a contestant on a date.
  • Bachelor ABC Company sets up one-on-one meetings with contestants – typically, this is the chance for a contestant to get in front of Bachelor ABC Company and pitch. This is the time to showcase strengths and core competencies, and reinforce the positive first impression that may have been made.

Cocktail Party

  • Contestants on the show have an opportunity to win over Bachelor Ben before the rose ceremony at the end of each episode.
  • Contestants in business have an opportunity to facilitate introductions and advance existing relationships with Bachelor ABC Company at various networking events throughout the year.

Rose Ceremony

  • Bachelor Ben gives a rose to the women he would like to continue to see in the next week of competition. Those who do not receive a rose are eliminated and sent home.
  • Bachelor ABC Company decides which companies will receive further consideration based on the information that has been collected. Those who are determined not to be pursued further are notified.

Final Episode

  • Bachelor Ben picks a ring and proposes to one woman, beginning a life-long relationship with her.
  • Bachelor ABC Company chooses their MSP, and begins a business partnership with them.

The resounding message is that choosing the right MSP for your company is an important process, and one that can be approached in a systematic way that involves discovering who the best fit is for your company.

What other comparisons would you make to the show? Tell us in the comment section!

Top Takeaways If You Are The Bachelor

  • Choosing the right MSP is an important process.
  • Conduct careful research on your prospective business partner.
  • Make your decision based on who is the best fit for your company.

Top Takeaways if You Are A Contestant

  • Present your company online in a way that is informative and easy-to-read.
  • Provide prompt feedback to inbound leads.
  • Use your one-on-one dates as a chance to reinforce positive first impressions you may have made.

Are you in Bachelor ABC Company’s shoes? Put Compu-Mail on your list of contestants, and call us at (716) 775-8001 with any questions.