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Positive Impact of Direct Marketing on Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, direct marketing is recognized as one of the most effective and essential ways to communicate with current and prospective patients. It has the power not just to change but also to save lives. How so? 

In medicine, the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true and can save you money and your life.  This is why it is a healthcare establishment’s responsibility to equip people with the information they need even before they require extensive medical attention. 

For years, hospitals and clinics around the world have practiced sending out direct mail data security informing target clients of the services that they offer. Pursuing viable patients through brochures, pamphlets, and newsletters is a surefire way not just to spread medical awareness but also to entice them to do business. 

Healthcare direct marketing is intended not just for pure promotion, but also to present a persuasive message and important information. Engaging customers is key, so ensuring that all print media is of top-notch quality both in content and presentation is crucial. While it’s understandable for hospitals and clinics to cut costs in their marketing efforts, you should never skimp on the message that you are trying to convey. Using promotions with a purpose is what should drive any institution with true medical integrity. 

A truly deep understanding of your audience is what should ultimately drive your direct marketing programs. While the quality of the reception list is crucial (you do want to send your promotions to those who have the power to avail your services), taking the time to speak with patients and their families and then crafting your campaigns around these conversations should be your ideal goal. Demonstrating that your materials are of real value to patients’ lives is the way to do it. 

While most people would often dismiss most of their mail as junk, it’s best to personalize them to guarantee that they’d get opened. 41% of Americans of all ages look forward to checking their mailboxes daily – 58% of which is direct mail.  72% of consumers will read direct mail immediately or withint he same day.  

Studies show that the 42% of Americans will open mail when it’s personalized with their name on the envelope compared to a generic one. Ultimately, it should be any medical marketer’s goal that their potential client opens a letter first. It won’t matter if you have the most compelling content if your print media ends up in the trash bin. 

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