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[ON DEMAND] Tips for Revamping Your Fundraising Campaigns


This presentation is now available as a recording.

This presentation covers tips for revamping your fundraising campaigns, including how to make the most of your online presence including free or inexpensive social media tools and ways to improve offline engagement with direct mail. The presentation was recorded live on 10/21/2020 and was edited to remove extra pauses.

For reference:

05:23 – Chat reads: “Lack of in-person events has moved EVERYTHING online, hard to connect with folks that way.  Looking for authentic connections”

06:5907:19 – Chat reads: “3,000” “1,500” “that includes spam / newsletters, etc” “2500 – 3000”

07:3507:43 – Chat reads: “10” “35” “15-20”10:41 – Chat reads: “Yes”

32:44 – Chat reads: “Can you ballpark a cost of direct mail for a about 2,000 sends?”

33:10 – Chat reads: “Yes, please.  We stopped direct mail years ago, but are interested in seeing what the options are.  Thanks!”

34:10 – Chat reads: “Thank you!”

List of sources for all statistics

Edited transcript

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