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Letter to Direct Mail (From a Millennial)

Direct mail, my oldest and dearest friend,I hope this letter finds you well. I’m writing to remind you how much you mean to me. There is no greater joy for me than opening my mailbox after a long day of work and seeing you sitting there, waiting for me to see what’s inside.

I bring you in right away and open you the minute I get inside. It’s a fun routine for me, grabbing you on my way upstairs, sorting through the day’s letters, separating my mail from my roommate’s mail.

When I see coupons and other offerings from my favorite stores, I often feel compelled to visit their website and search for more information on the products and services I see offered. When I see credit card bills and bank statements, I feel the need to check my online accounts to make sure everything is running smoothly.

I relax on the couch with my laptop and a snack, and keep you right next to me so I can reference you when I need to. You are my most cherished friend, and I’ve always appreciated being able to spend this time with you.

You remember, of course, that I’m a 20-something Millennial living in a world where everyone is a phone call, email, Facebook message, or Tweet away. I know you’ve always found it hard to believe that after all this time, you are still my closest friend, but I’ve always felt such a strong kinship with you because you have a much more personal and meaningful touch than any of those other things.

It’s always been different with you, direct mail, because unlike emails that I leave unopened and delete, I find myself opening every physical of mail I receive. Why? Maybe it’s because you’re right in my hands and hard to ignore. Maybe it’s because an envelope always looks more important to me than any headline ever could. Maybe it’s because there’s something appealing about wanting to know what’s inside a mysterious envelope.

All I know is that you will always be my dearest friend, direct mail. Never forget that.

Affectionately yours,