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How to Get Customers to Review Your Products

Product reviews are a critical piece of any eCommerce business. According to a study done by BrightLocal, 92% of consumers read product reviews when shopping online, and 84% of consumers trust product reviews more than a personal recommendation.Capture this type of user-generated content with these five tips:

  1. JUST ASK. The easiest way to get more reviews is simply to ask. Give customers a few weeks (depending on the product) to try out the item and form an opinion based on their experience. Then send a post-purchase email asking them how they liked the product and directing them to a space where they can leave a review. If they do leave a review, be sure to send a thank you email and let them know they are appreciated.
  2. Ask at the right time. There are some more optimal times to request product reviews, although you should still be asking year-round. However, during holidays, social media campaigns, or around customer milestones (like reaching a certain number of purchases or loyalty points), review solicitation can come off as more natural, as customers will likely already be engaging with your brand at that time.
  3. Provide an incentive. A more personalized way to incentivize product reviews is by sending consumers a coupon in the mail if they leave a review. Additionally, providing extra points in a loyalty program, sending handwritten thank you’s for positive reviews, and sending them small gifts like gift cards and marketing “swag” are all great ways to bring customers back to your site.
  4. Make it user-friendly. Remove as much friction as you can from the review process. Make the “Leave a Review” button easy to find on the product page, and be sure the platform you are using is optimized for mobile. If you send out PPE’s requesting reviews, link customers to where they can leave a review, so they can easily click through to the page.
  5. Add an additional personal touch. For maximum exposure, make sure you are using direct mail as an additional, physical touchpoint for the ask. This is great for customers that only know you for your online presence because it gives them a tangible experience with your brand, outside receiving your product. It can help prime them for future campaigns they may receive now that they are part of your customer base and/or loyalty program. Direct mail is also great for giving customers who may not be as tech-savvy as the rest a chance to respond.

Product reviews provide useful information to both brands and consumers, and can play a key role in driving a positive customer experience. Leveraging reviews in your offline marketing strategy will help drive a better, more personalized customer experience. Check out the post Compu-Mail wrote for Virid to learn more. For more information on how ratings and reviews can transform your business, visit

About the Author

Rachel Hobble is the Marketing Specialist at Virid. She loves all things creative, and handles everything from the content strategy for Virid’s website and social media to advertising and PR.

About Revere

Revere is a ratings and reviews platform that helps guide customer purchasing decisions and increase engagement, sales, and trust in your brand. The AI-driven technology, developed by retail experts, is powerful and simple to implement on any eCommerce site.