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[GUEST POST] Bridging Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Campaigns

In the dynamic marketing realm, offline and online strategies often appear at odds, vying for marketers' resources and focus. Direct mail and digital marketing represent two distinct approaches, each with advantages and limitations.

In the dynamic marketing realm, offline and online strategies often appear at odds, vying for marketers’ resources and focus. Direct mail and digital marketing represent two distinct approaches, each with advantages and limitations.

However, the exciting proposition is that these seemingly divergent forces can synergize to bolster your marketing endeavors.

Read on to learn about the actionable strategies that businesses sites can employ to bridge the divide between direct mail and digital marketing seamlessly.

Benefits of Incorporating Direct Mail into Digital Marketing

  1. Continuity of touchpoints

Due to the fast-pacedness of current digital trends, it’s easy for your brand’s message to get lost in the flood of online content. Incorporating direct mail into your digital marketing strategy offers continuity. It serves as a physical touchpoint that complements the digital ones.

For instance, sending a postcard or catalog to your customers can act as a reminder of your online presence. When they receive your mail and see your social media posts or emails shortly after, it reinforces your brand, creating a more memorable experience.

  1. Additional layer of reach

Digital marketing often faces the challenge of emails ending up in spam folders or getting lost in the clutter of an overflowing inbox. Direct mail in digital marketing helps you reach customers who might have been otherwise inaccessible.

Direct mail can be your backup plan when your emails aren’t delivering the desired results. It safeguards that even if your digital campaigns falter, your message still reaches your audience.

  1. Maximizing your existing list

Building a quality email list can be time-consuming and expensive. Many businesses spend significant resources curating and maintaining their email lists. By utilizing direct mail, you can maximize the value of this list.

Reach out to your email subscribers directly, offering exclusive discounts or promotions. These actions reinforce your brand and encourage subscribers to keep engaging with your digital marketing campaigns.

Ways to Connect Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Campaigns

  1. Use QR codes

Incorporate QR codes in your direct mail pieces that link to specific landing pages, exclusive discounts, or downloadable content.

They provide a seamless transition from the physical to the digital world, enabling your audience to immediately engage with your brand online. QR codes bridge the gap between direct mail and digital marketing by simplifying the transition.

  1. Encourage recipients to follow your social media accounts

Include prominent calls to action in your direct mail materials urging recipients to follow your brand on social media. Highlight the benefits of following, such as exclusive content or early access to promotions. Connecting these two channels lets your audience be involved online and offline.

  1. Promote app/site sign-ups for discounts or freebies

Encourage direct mail recipients to sign up for your eCommerce site or mobile app by offering enticing incentives. Providing value through sign-ups can increase your digital reach and generate leads while nurturing the connection initiated by your direct mail campaign.

  1. Run a customer loyalty program

Establishing a robust and loyal customer base ensures repeat business and turns customers into brand advocates. Successful loyalty programs, such as the one embraced by Starbucks, show how combining offline and online strategies can be a game-changer.

Begin your loyalty program with a direct mail piece. This physical, tangible element is a personal and memorable introduction. The letter can include a physical loyalty card unique to each customer and an invitation to join the program.

To bridge the offline and online worlds, set up a user-friendly online portal where customers can easily track their loyalty points, rewards, and exclusive offers. This portal serves as the digital hub of your loyalty program.

One of the most potent aspects of a loyalty program is the ability to provide exclusive offers and personalized incentives.

Use customer data to tailor rewards and offers to individual preferences. These personalized interactions make customers feel valued and deepen their connection to your brand.

  1. Encourage newsletter sign-ups

While direct mail has charm, digital newsletters offer a cost-effective and dynamic way to connect with your audience.

Unlike direct mail, which requires the physical distribution of materials, digital newsletters are sent instantly and are accessible on various devices. They allow you to deliver updates, promotions, educational content, and more directly to your audience’s inbox.

In your direct mail materials, include prominent CTAs encouraging recipients to subscribe to your digital newsletter. Explain that by subscribing, recipients will access content they can’t find elsewhere, including insider tips, early access to sales, or in-depth articles catering to their interests.

As an extra incentive, offer a reward for signing up. It could be a discount on the next purchase, a free downloadable resource, or entry into an exclusive contest. This sweetens the deal and encourages sign-ups.

  1. Use email for reminders

After sending direct mail, don’t forget about the power of email. You want to strike while the iron is hot, emailing shortly after the direct mail piece arrives. Use email campaigns to remind recipients about the offer or message you conveyed.

Sending follow-up emails within a week of your direct mail campaign can yield optimal results. The proximity between the physical mail and the digital reminder reinforces your message in the recipient’s mind.

In your follow-up email, reiterate the key points from your direct mail piece. Use a concise and compelling subject line that reminds the recipient of the offer or message. Make it easy for them to recall the value or action you want them to take.

Sealing the Deal

While pitting direct mail and digital marketing against each other is tempting, savvy marketers know that combining these powerful strategies can lead to remarkable results.

As you implement the above mentioned strategies, remember that direct mail and digital marketing are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they complement each other, providing your brand with a multi-faceted approach to reach your target audience.

In a world where marketing messages bombard consumers from all sides, finding the balance between direct mail and digital marketing can make your brand stand out, resonate, and drive meaningful results.

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Jomel Alos is the Digital Marketing Architect for Spiralytics SEO Company Philippines. He has helped hundreds of clients build strong backlink profiles mainly from crafting linkable content.