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The Power of Omnichannel Customer Experience

Considering customers see up to 2900 marketing messages a day, it’s important to craft a strong online marketing experience that keeps your message in front of your customers and prospects until they are ready to process the message you are sending and act on the offer on their own terms.

Here are few tips for crafting the ultimate omnichannel experience:

Start by optimizing the mail itself.

Think about the role direct mail plays in the omnichannel experience. We consider it to be the vehicle that drives customers online. Make sure the piece is compelling and appealing enough to drive recipients to act in a certain way. We recommend these following these suggestions to ensure that your campaigns are optimized to ensure that you are make the most of your marketing budget.

Personalize the piece as much as you can.

The goal is to design the piece so the recipient feels as though it was designed only for them, fostering a one-to-one connection. This sense of individualization and attention to detail captures attention and boosts response. People love to see their own name in print, and feel like a message was written just for them, even if they know it’s just a marketing tool. It makes them feel appreciated and valued.

Prep your follow-up plan.

  1. Make sure your website is optimized with cookies to capture otherwise anonymous website visitors. The direct mail will be driving your target audience visitors to your site, even if it’s just to learn more about your business and what you sell.
  2. Prepare a series of automated mail and email messages thanking customers for their purchase and asking for reviews, testimonials, and referrals.
  3. Develop a series of email, direct mail, and banner ads that serve as friendly or timely reminders for those that don’t purchase right way, to encourage them to come back on their own time to act or complete their transaction.

Plan social media posts to complement your efforts.

Use these to complement your efforts while reinforcing the message(s) they are seeing on the other channels. Connect everything back to one central theme.

The Bottom Line

Crafting a strong omnichannel experience is much easier than it sounds. The key is in developing clear messaging and consistent language and formatting that allow your brand to remain consistent across all of the channels you use. We recommend using direct mail as vehicle that drives the online experience, using that as the focal point and designing the rest of the campaign around it.