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Benefits of QR Codes in Direct Mail Marketing

You’ll find scannable QR codes virtually anywhere you look – on tickets, restaurant menus, product packaging, and more. What was once thought to be just a passing tech fad has reached widespread commercial use. The unwavering popularity of these upgraded barcodes is something that direct mail marketers should take advantage of,  Integrating them into traditional print media opens a world of boundless digital possibilities and ease of access for consumers.

If you’re wondering how you can leverage QR codes to get better response rates on your printed promotional materials (mails, postcards, brochures, pamphlets, etc.), you’ve come to the right page.

postcard with QR code
Compu-Mail QR Codes

1. A Powerful Combo

People have a stronger intellectual and emotional response to printed material. While we may have almost unlimited access to information online, reading on a smartphone or computer makes you prone to numerous distractions. With physical mail, you can get readers’ undivided attention, and with a QR code, they can move onto the next digital step, whether it’s to redeem a discount, download an app, or watch a video.

2. Increased Engagement and Conversions

Some people still consider QR codes a novelty and they immediately want to check out where it leads to. QR codes not only drive maximum engagement, but also lead to increased conversions. In fact, here are some figures worth knowing about direct mail marketing campaigns that have utilized QR codes (according to RoyalMail):

  • 92% of recipients participated in an online activity
  • 87% of recipients are influenced to purchase something
  • 86% interacted with the business
  • 54% engaged in the business’ social media platforms
  • 43% downloaded something

3. Ability to Store Massive Amounts of Information 

As mentioned earlier, QR codes are essentially an upgrade to barcodes. QR codes can store way more information, give additional info about a product, or provide a special offer, unlike barcodes that just give you the price. This dynamic and interactive nature of QR codes make for a more engaging consumer experience.

4. Unique Experiences 

With variable data printing, making sure that each direct mail is personalized to a tee is now possible. Creating a unique QR code for different demographics can be done to lead certain shoppers to an ideal landing page. For example, the summer campaign material of a clothing brand can redirect male shoppers to the men’s apparel page and female shoppers to the women’s apparel page. 

5. Trackable Campaign Performance

Since everything done digitally leaves a footprint, you can use QR codes to track the progress of your campaigns, even in real time. Based on the number of scans that your materials garnered, you’ll be able to determine plenty of performance metrics and draw valuable insights that you can use to better shape future campaigns.

If you want to drive direct mail recipients to digital action, consider using QR codes. They’ve been around for quite some time and are here to stay.

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