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Mastering the Game: Online Casino Marketing Strategy Unveiled

This month, we have set our sights on the casino gaming industry. More specifically, how casino marketers can use the data they already have in their variable direct mail campaigns.

In the casino gaming world, data is collected on player purchase and gaming activity, but it is often underutilized by marketers as a valuable resource for a strong personalized marketing strategy.

While these marketers understand the inherent value of direct mail, many often do not use it as effectively as they could be, sending static, generalized pieces to players.

Even though they target players that they think spend the most money with them, they are merely scratching the surface with what they can do with player data.

What these marketers don’t realize is that it is easy to incorporate personalized, relevant data into a mailing to create pieces that appear unique to each player, using the power of variable data printing.

Here are 7 ways to leverage player activity on your next casino gaming mailing campaign to boost response and keep patrons coming back for more.

  1. Keep your message in front of them. Whatever your direct mail strategy, the key is in consistently mailing them to keep your message in front of them to keep you top of mind. This will help keep players loyal, active, and engaged.
  2. Streamline your production. Rather than sending out several static mailings throughout the month advertising different promotions to players, some offers and promotions can be rolled into one dynamic marketing vehicle to reduce cost. We have seen success with variable 12-page booklets that segment players by their activity and feature calendar events, dinner offers, and free play or retail credits offers they are most likely to be interested in, with separate mailings for birthdays, anniversaries, and new player acquisition.
  3. Give them only the information they need. Do not bog your patrons with irrelevant information. If you have a patron that only visits the slots when they visit, you risk wasting valuable time or money by mailing pieces to them that advertise your upcoming table games tournament unless you know from their player data that they are interested in such activities. Use predictive modeling to separate the different types of players in your database, and send them information that appeals to the types of activities they engage in.
  4. Identify at-risk patrons that may soon leave you. Look for triggers that indicate you are losing engagement. These may be a signal you are about to lose them as a patron. To prevent them from doing so, mail them “we miss you!” win-back messages and offers that incentivize them to return to your casino.
  5. Reward members based on their frequency. Perhaps the easiest way to get started is to reward members based on how often they visit. This information is generally automatically loaded and synced to their player cards. Offering incentives linked to their player frequency will go a long way toward making your casino their gaming establishment of choice.
  6. Offer discounts/incentives for player anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Campaigns that specifically target the player anniversary or birth month of the patron show that you value your relationship with each patron. Giving them free play or retail credits incentivize them to make a special trip into your casino, and while they are there, there is a good chance they will patronize other areas of your casino such as your restaurant or gift shop.
  7. Put their information directly in the mail piece. People love to see their name in print. Optimize your campaigns to include player information, player number, rewards count, exclusive offers, and more right on the piece. Seeing their information in more places than just the standard address block will make them feel as though the piece was designed specifically for then.

The Bottom Line

Casino gaming marketers that leverage player data in their direct mail campaigns are more likely to keep their patrons active and loyal. Following these tips will help you gain a higher entertainment wallet share in your market and keep your players coming back for more.