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Compu-Mail In-Depth on Time Warner Cable News

Compu-Mail on Time Warner Cable News Buffalo

Time Warner Cable viewers in Western New York had the opportunity to learn more about the work we do here on Monday, and that some of that work might be closer than they think—right in their home mailboxes.

News Anchor and Reporter for Time Warner WNY, Katie Morse, highlighted Compu-Mail in her latest edition of the In-Depth Business Profile series. The 2-minute feature aired Monday, February 12th, giving Western New Yorkers a sneak peek into our local operation.

Katie sat down with Michael Vitch, President of Compu-Mail and Richard Baker, VP of Operations to discuss our services and the promising future of the direct mail industry.

Michael Vitch for Compu-Mail on TWC Buffalo

To describe what direct mail is for Compu-Mail, Mike and Rich worked backwards from what people commonly know direct mail to be: junk mail. It may surprise you to hear that we are not in the junk mail business. We are helping companies with products and services you need to put the offers and reminders you want in your hands, at the right time.

Katie steered the conversation over to the state of the industry in the face of digital media such as email, social media and mobile, to which Michael responded: “The direct mail business is actually thriving. People are tired of getting emails every day from places that they might have bought something and given their email addresses to. But what’s the first thing you do when you get home and have a minute to breathe? You grab the mail out of the mailbox and begin to leaf through.”

Rich and Michael reflected with Katie how digital media has only helped our cause as a direct marketing solutions provider. QR codes, NFC chips, email, text messaging and more have all been valuable integrations in the services we provide our clients. “We want to make sure that we put the right message in front of the right person in the right way,” said Michael.

The interview gave a reignited passion to Mike and Rich about fostering business in Western New York. “We are so fortunate to be able to support dozens of local organizations each year with donations totaling in the thousands.” – Michael Vitch.

Katie’s write-up of the feature can be found on Time Warner Cable New’s blog. Time Warner Cable subscribers can also log in to view the video itself.