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Compu-Mail Team
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We're a diverse group of talented development and production specialists from Western New York. Our combined talents and knowledge have contributed to over 40 years of direct marketing solutions. We'd love to have you join our team so we can grow together!

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Leadership Team
CompuMail - Dr. DeWald

Dr. Charles DeWald


CompuMail - Anthony Marchioni

Anthony Marchioni


CompuMail - Shanin Haskell

Shanin Haskell

Vice President
of Accounting

CompuMail - Richard Baker

Richard Baker

Chief Operating Officer

CompuMail - Diane Wasieczko

Diane Wasieczko

General Manager

Sales Team
CompuMail - Rick Bruno

Rick Bruno

Vice President of Sales,
Commercial Division

CompuMail - Michael Millman

Michael Millman

Vice President of Sales,
Mail Communications Division

CompuMail - Robert Trimaldi

Robert Trimaldi

Vice President of Sales,
Direct Mail Marketing Division

CompuMail - Mark Patrick

Mark Patrick

Senior Sales

Marketing Team

CompuMail - Kelly Stevens

Kelly Stevens

Marketing Analyst
& Coordinator

Photos by David St.Onge of DMS Productions