Healthcare Marketing

Increasing Patient Engagement
CompuMail - Healthcare
Bridging the communication gap between hospital and patient.

The increased communication will allow you to provide valuable education to your patients on the cost of their healthcare services and the benefits of preventative screenings and other health services that are available.

You can leverage data analytics
& predictive modeling to:

Identifying prospective patients in area

Integrating messages with your data

Maintaining health consumer compliance

Processing statements/bills

Announcing new locations/services

Sending timely appointment reminders

Data Analytics &
Predictive Modeling

We work within your database to create highly personalized campaigns that drive response.

Your programs will benefit from our list hygiene procedures, including National Change of Address (NCOA)and others.  

That data allows you to communicate more efficiently with your patients and craft highly personalized messages that resonate with prospective patients in your area.

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