Compu-Mail Solutions: Follow Up Appeal Case Study

Sending Additional Touchpoints to Increase Response


February 19, 2020




A New York State nonprofit organization hired Compu-Mail to produce their fundraising campaigns. Upon onboarding, Compu-Mail recognized an opportunity to increase donor engagement by providing an additional touchpoint for response.

The Solution

Compu-Mail recommended that the nonprofit organization supplement their appeal letters with a follow up appeal letter as a timely reminder to previous donors who did not respond to the first mailing. This prompted recipients to respond and accounted for almost half the funds raised.

Best practices show that a second letter helps reach people that may have set aside the first letter with the intention of replying or missed it entirely. The follow up letter that was produced for this organization contained a similar, shorter message from that of the first letter, with another mechanism for response.

To add further value to the relationship, Compu-Mail also recommended the use of nonprofit stamps (which does not increase postage cost, but often increases response) as well as the implementation of personalized ask amounts based on previous giving history.

As a result, the nonprofit organization was able to increase donor engagement and retention from the previous year.


(Compared to FY19)

  • 54.2% increase in response
  • 2% increase in online giving
  • 43% increase in ROI
  • 45.5% donor retention rate


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