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Compu-Mail Solutions: Automotive Aftermarket Case Study

Leveraging Customer Data Helped a Major Retailer Grow 1,000% in Under 15 years

Using Variable Data Printing as a Growth Strategy

Leveraging customer data through the use of Variable Data Printing helped a major automotive aftermarket retailer grow 1,000% in under 15 years.


A regional automotive aftermarket retailer hired Compu-Mail to assist them in maximizing their customer information. The retailer had approximately 100 stores in mostly the Northeastern US.


Compu-Mail reviewed the existing databases to find cross-sell and up-sell opportunities as well as re-engage lost customers. A variable print post-card and email campaign was developed utilizing Point of Sale data (POS). Direct mail pieces alerted current customers to timely offers, identified potential new customers by modeling current customer data and re-established relationships with former customers.

These programs all utilized Variable Data Printing (VDP) to put the most relevant messages in front of the best potential customers. VDP was used to fully personalize the direct mail offers and was later implemented for supplemental email campaigns. VDP allowed the retailer to talk directly with customers with specific offers, information and timing based on those customers’ purchase history. Programs were also developed to make offers to customers who considered products but failed to make the purchase (these offers referred to the considered products with specific offers designed to entice customers to buy now).

This automotive aftermarket retailer’s current programs use up to 8 variable components unique to each customer. These highly relevant targeted efforts have more than doubled the response rates normally experienced with generic ad mail reported by the Data and Marketing Association. Compu-Mail now manages more than 80 monthly programs for this retailer that include integrated, variable direct mail and email.

The retailer has experience significant positive ROI on these programs in excess of 40 to 1. They have grown their business, which today stands at more than 1,000 stores across the entire US. The POS data is used to calculate program efficacy. The analysis allows real time enhancements to the on-going programs. Getting the right message to the right person at the right time was the catalyst of this successful on-going strategy.