The Future of Direct Marketing: Casino Marketing Tips

How casino gaming marketers can create great experiences that set their casinos and resorts up for success during COVID-19 and beyond.




October 14, 2022

How casino gaming marketers can create great experiences that set their casinos and resorts up for success during COVID-19 and beyond.

The casino industry has always been extremely lucrative. Even with a global pandemic still happening right outside our door, the US online gambling market is expected to reach $93 billion by 2023 from $67 billion in 2022.

This kind of growth has resulted in an extremely saturated market. The number of options has been spread quite thin for both physical and online casinos. It could be difficult to stand out. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay connected with your patrons and lure them back in.

  1. Engaging Promotional Materials

As COVID restrictions became more relaxed, more and more casinos are getting back in business. People are eager to leave their homes and are hungry for entertainment. Once again, they’re looking forward to getaways, shows, and everything else they have been missing out on while secluded at home.

The most recent data supports that 70% of consumers prefer to receive communication on paper, while 30% prefer a paperless option. To get patrons back into the casino premises, concentrate your advertising efforts towards an omichannel campaign, utilizing the power of print but also engaging patrons on a digital platform as well - the best of both worlds! With much of the gaming industry moving online, the subsequent operational processes have also changed. While traditional marketing approaches are still effective in engaging players and boosting revenue, capitalize on creating campaigns that highlight the casino experience. Entice patrons with stunning pictures of the casino floor’s architecture, lighting, design, as well as food, VIP programs, rewards, and other recreational activities. Encourage players to play more to win more.

  1. Observe Strict Safety Measures

While we’ve come to realization that COVID might be here to stay, our lives must go on. Guarantee patrons that your safety procedures and precautions are being strictly imposed to provide peace of mind. Make sure that all gaming stations such as slot machines, card games, roulettes, wheel of fortune, and others are sanitized for everyone’s safety.

Chances are your more loyal patrons have already returned, but it may take a longer time to get more casual visitors back. Consistently reaching out to them with reminders of your safety procedures complimented with your promotional materials. This will give them a clear message that it’s safe to return to the casino and what to look forward to.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Casinos no longer have to spend big money on huge celebrity endorsers. Today, social media influencers are more than enough to provide top-notch promotions. Tap into Instagram and TikTok influencers with thousands, even millions of keen and enthusiastic followers – they’re a lot more affordable with an unprecedented audience reach. 

In fact, a lot of companies have leveraged the use of influencers for social media brand-building, with the global influencer marketing market value doubling at around 13.8 billion U.S. dollars as of 2021. Choose the best influencers that would perfectly fit your brand by carefully perusing both their Instagram feed and personal background.

  1. User Reviews

Now that it’s very easy to voice your opinion online, it’s important to keep your casino’s customer reviews stellar. Reviews have the power to make or break your business, regardless of the industry. Before spending serious money gambling, plenty of casino goers perform deep research first. Remember, consumer perception is everything, so manage it well so your business can thrive.

The Bottom Line

People are looking forward to getting back to normal entertainment activities. Setting up your campaigns now will help you be more prepared when that happens. Also, continue to follow COVID safety precautions, tap into potential influencers for cost-efficient promotions, and manage your online reviews.

Bonus #1: Augmented Reality

In a time where people may be fatigued from the same digital messaging over and over again, print and more creative uses of digital can offer some reprieve.  

Whatever videos that you may be promoting on social media or in emails, consider promoting via print as well. Yes, print.

Check out “Creating Augmented Reality Mailers” to learn how to easily make your mailers come alive with video using Augmented Reality through AReveryware.

Bonus #2: Direct Mail Examples

Casino/Gaming Marketing – Postcard Example


Casino/Gaming Marketing – Custom Booklet Example

Click the image to view the booklet as a PDF

Editor’s Note:

This post was published as part of the new series, “The Future of Direct Marketing”

CM Casino is a fictional casino resort that was made up for the purposes of these examples.

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