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Getting Donations for Nonprofits: Mastering the Art

We partnered with local fundraising software company SofTrek to write content addressing best practices for non-profit fundraising efforts.We contributed this guest post, titled “5 Effective Marketing Tactics for Increasing Nonprofit Donations and Sponsorships” to their site.

Here is an excerpt:

“When designing your mail piece, consider addressing the donor by name (rather than friend, neighbor, donor, etc.) This creates a positive feeling in the donor and shows that you value their contributions. Another element to consider is a variable ask matrix, or list of suggested asks. If a person donated $30 the year before, make that the lowest suggestion and increase the asks incrementally from there.Once the campaign is live and has been circulating for a few weeks, make sure to send a follow up letter to donors that have donated in years past but have not responded to this year’s appeal yet.”

Read the full post here on their website.

About SofTrek

With nearly 30 years’ experience helping nonprofits raise more money, SofTrek is expert in supporting the work of fundraisers and their organizations.