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Data-Driven Marketing: Unleashing Unparalleled Success

Even if you’re a smaller player in the “Big Data” game, data-driven marketing tactics can be just as manageable and lucrative as they are to the big players. If you aren’t already an experienced database marketer, here are some ways to start small right where you are. Inspire results by incorporating more data into your marketing!

The Basics

  • Database clean-up – Merge duplicates, purge inactives, process for National Change of Address (NCOA). It may be a no brainer, but it can do wonders for your bottom line.
  • Targeted lists – Narrow in on just the right people who will find your communications relevant and useful to reduce waste.
  • Personalization – Even simple personalization can add a human touch, creating an emotional connection between the recipient and your company.
  • Closed-loop marketing – Understanding how your audience responded to your last campaign, along with any preexisting data on them, offers great intel for your next move.

Adding a Little Edge

  • Dynamic mapping – Do the work for your prospect and include a personalized map from their address to your location right on their mail piece.
  • Personalization in images – Nothing draws attention like seeing your own name written in the snow or on a cup of coffee.
  • Multiple variable data points – Need multiple versions? Not a problem. Change features such as text and images from one piece to the next without even slowing the print process with Variable Data Printing.
  • Data profiling – Analyze the data you have to paint a picture of your buyer – then leverage those insights to segment and select data for future acquisition campaigns.

Looking Forward

  • Triggered marketing – Once you have a solid understanding of all different buyers’ journeys for your product/service, customize a program to most suitably nurture each one individually, and on their time.
  • PURLs – Personal URLs provide a great opportunity for captivating your audience and gathering more information by recording their interactions.

(If you hadn’t already guessed it, these techniques are all within our capabilities. Contact us today for more details.)


This article was reproduced from our Q4 issue of OnTarget, a Dual Print & Mail publication full of print and marketing news and ideas.