5 Undeniable Reasons Direct Marketers Should Care About Post-Presort Technology [Audio]

Post-presort software offers direct marketers postage discounts and greater flexibility in their mailing schedules.




February 24, 2014

After delving into the business benefits of post-presort in a webinar with Satori Software’s Joe Bailey, we bring to you the top 5 reasons YOU should care that your mail service provider (MSP) uses post-presort software. (Spoiler alert! You’ll save money on postage!)

Quick Clarification: Presort & Post-Presort

Webinar Post-Presort Software

Presort software does just what it sounds like it does—presorts the addresses on your mailing list. It organizes a comprehensive postage statement with details on exactly how many mailpieces qualify for which postage rates, along with performing a number of address hygiene and standardization procedures. Presort makes the USPS’s work easier, so they reward mailers who presort with lower postage rates!

Once presort is finished, some changes to the mailing can only be made by completely re-running the presort, and some changes cannot be made at all. If you’ve ever been involved in planning a mailing, you know firsthand all the moving variables that go into it. USPS changes entry points, rates and requirements on the fly, which is why marketers need to be able to change aspects of their mailings to keep up.

Thus we have post-presort software. Post-presort allows for updates in piece weight, thickness, entry point, and lots more after the presort process for maximum flexibility in mail production.

So back to why you as a marketing professional should care about the sorting technology your mail service provider is backing…

Post-Presort software allows direct marketers to...

1. Avoid paying for spoilage or mail pieces that did not get mailed.
A small percentage of mail can be damaged due to the fast pace and automation in mail production. Likewise, certain mailpieces may need to be pulled for reasons such as running out of inserts or postage.

This is exactly why post-presort was designed; once the mailing is finalized, MSPs can remove the spoilage and the pieces that were not mailed from the data file before generating the postage statements and documentation for USPS. That way you don’t have to pay for mail that never made it to the mail stream.

2. Manage mailing dates around USPS’s many rate changes.
Say USPS announces a rate change effective tomorrow. You’re in the middle of a mailing, some pieces have already gone out, and are scheduled to go out the following day. Post-presort software gives MSPs the flexibility to amend the postage according to the rate change in the middle of that mailing.

We have our own success story of saving thousands on postage by strategically mailing around postage rate changes. Read about it here >>

3. Make last minute changes to your mailing schedule.
Yes, the postage savings aspect of post-presort is enticing. But if you’re an indecisive marketer or your leadership tends to be indecisive, the fact that you can make changes to your mail up to the point that it is delivered to the post office is equally significant.

(We’ve literally chased down Compu-Mail trucks before to pull a letter or two from being mailed. We’d prefer NOT to do that again, but say we had to – post-presort makes it possible.)

4. Qualify for mail-merge and dropshipping discounts.
Merging multiple mailings onto a single mail pallet incurs postage discounts. To combine jobs in this way, a MSP must merge mailings that have already been separately presorted, therefore requiring post-presort capabilities.

Taking the postage savings a step further, MSPs can tactically plan entry points with post-presort, a logistic management technique known as dropshipping. Essentially, logistics crews can evaluate if the postage savings from dropping a mailing closer to its end destination outweigh the cost of transportation to get it there. Get more detail about dropshipping here >>

5. Better track a mailing’s in-home time.
With dropshipping specifically, mailers can have ultimate control over the delivery window of a mailing. But with Full Service Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb) technology soon to be mandatory for the industry, marketers will be able to track their mail from entry at the post office to the moment it hits mailboxes. This is especially valuable to businesses staffing call centers according to the time their letters hit homes.

Listen to our very own Michael Vitch and Rich Baker discuss how Satori’s post-presort software has given our clients flexibility in their projects and saved thousands on postage:

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