Omnichannel Marketing for Nonprofit Fundraisers

Increase fundraising response with omnichannel marketing, cross-channel coordination for non-profit marketing & giving campaigns.




May 21, 2019

Fundraisers: Increase Your Response with Omnichannel Marketing.

The case for omnichannel fundraising is as simple as acknowledging how fragmented channel preferences have become.

Preferences spread across five main channels—direct mail, email, social media, telephone and text messaging. And when you consider generational differences on top of all the channel options, the fragmentation multiplies!

But if channel preference were the only piece to the puzzle, fundraising would be as easy as learning your audience’s channel preferences and delivering accordingly.

As a nonprofit executive, you know that it’s not that easy. Omnichannel marketing means the integration of a number of platforms to avoid incorrectly assuming your audience’s preferred channel and to reinforce your message.The true value of a multichannel fundraising campaign lies in improved response rates.

Taking an omnichannel approach has proven time and again to produce magnified results by strengthening loyalty and lifetime value of donors along with strengthening the brand and engaging audiences in new ways.

Creating an omnichannel fundraising campaign might not reward you with the expected increase in response if your channels aren't working together, or worse, are working against each other.

Instead, be sure that you are developing clear messaging and consistent language and formatting that allow your brand to remain consistent across all of the channels.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in January 2014. It has been updated for accuracy, relevance, and comprehensiveness.

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