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How to Minimize the Impact of the Proposed USPS Rate Increases

The United States Postal Service (USPS) recently announced a proposed increase in postal rates, effective January 27, 2019 if approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission. The proposed changes will take First Class letters and First Class Stamps from $0.47 to $0.50 and $0.50 to $0.55, respectively.Here is a quick look at everything else that will change:

Source: USPS press release

Consider this: Postage accounts for approximately 40-65% of any direct mail campaign.

Regardless of the size of the campaign, that adds up quickly. At Compu-Mail, we leverage strong strategic partnerships with the USPS, Canada Post, and third party logistics providers to bring our customers the highest postage discounts and lowest possible postage rates. We pass these savings onto you so you can reallocate your budget for this non-value added expense to other revenue generating components.

Here are three reasons why working with Compu-Mail will minimize the impact of the upcoming USPS rate increases in next year’s direct mail campaign:

1. We’re a USPS Full-Service Print and Mail Provider. (And one of only two in New York State.)

This gives us access to the largest postage discounts available for our clients for the following formats:1. First Class Mail postcards, letters and flats2. Marketing Mail letters and flats3. Periodicals letters and flats4. Bound Printed matter flatsWe achieved this status by meeting strict USPS mail quality standards, measured by Mailer Scorecard criteria over three consecutive months. Services considered included: preparation of presorted mailings, use of Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMBs), and submission of mailing documents to USPS.Our on-site USPS clearing station allows us to bypass that part of the USPS entry process, saving time and money. The USPS passes along handling savings to us, which in turn we pass along to our customers for even further postage discounts.

2. We are qualified to “Mail Anywhere” with simplified permit management.

Our Full-Service Print & Mail certification granted us “Mail Anywhere” status, providing further advantage and flexibility in utilizing multiple business mail entry sites to maximize postage savings and efficiencies for our clients. Compu-Mail is one of only 109* companies nationwide to receive Full-Service certification, which provides access to the largest postage discounts available for its clients. Compu-Mail’s data-driven marketing and direct mail production leads the region as the largest standard direct mailer in Western New York.*As of 10/15/18

3. We have state-of-the-art logistics planning capabilities.

These include options for dropshipping, co-palletization, co-mingling, and co-mailing. We’ll figure out the most efficient way to get your mailing from Point A to Point B. And thanks to our IMB barcodes and the integration of Omni DM, we guarantee the on-time delivery of your mail and can even offer you the ability to track your mailing so you can easily monitor its progress as it moves through the USPS network.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to our strong strategic partnerships with USPS, Canada Post, and third party logistics providers, our customers save millions annually on postage.