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How to Bend Over Backwards for Your Clients

On Friday, we helped our clients save more than $50,000 in a single day.

Our lettershop & shipping departments are used to sending millions of mailpieces out every week. But this Friday we hit record breaking volumes for single-day mailings – nearly 3 million at once, spread across dozens of mailings – and it was all done to save our customers money.

As anyone who ever mails a letter knows, postage rates increased January 26. For large mailers who depend on direct mail to meet their communication goals, this increase has a much greater impact than paying a few cents more for a First Class stamp. We knew how much this mattered for our clients so instead of forcing clients onto usual production schedules we just did it.

Our team bent over backwards, just like every good service-oriented company should.

So how can you bend over backwards for your clients?

  1. Predict opportunities where you can save the day.
    It was no surprise that postage was increasing this month; it was announced months in advance! So we knew our clients would need more attention and support to get their mailings out ahead of the increase. Some of them maybe even needed some extra reminders or a little nudge here and there. If you can identify an upcoming change, seasonal need, or other opportunity your clients will face – you have the chance to position yourself to shine.
  2. When the going gets tough, get going.
    Despite the best laid plans, delivering good customer service often means dealing with crunch time. The customer has needs and goals, and it’s your job to meet them. For our lettershop and shipping departments, that meant buckling down and pushing through a very long day – all the while making sure we continued to maintain quality standards. So yes, JUST DO IT!
  3. Do what you need to do. Then do more.
    Good customer service should be the rule, not the exception. So don’t settle for just meeting expectations. If you want customers to remember you, take it one step further. For example, in addition to the postage savings customers saw by getting their campaigns out before the postage increase, many of them also saved more through our thorough logistics management: dropshipping and co-palletizing to bring postage costs down further.

The term “Customer Experience” is everywhere these days. It even made an appearance in our 2014 Direct Marketing Trends series as a top trend for Retail Marketing. All of us as marketers need to be paying attention to the importance of this shiny new classic concept.

But as we all know, it’s one thing to talk about great customer service – and another to DO it. One reason our clients here at Compu-Mail forge such long-term relationships with us is because of our commitment to their success. We know every project that goes out done right and on time brings our clients closer to their goals. Let us know how we can help exceed your expectations.