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[GUEST POST] Hiring Direct Mail for the Holidays + Ways to Thank Your Customers

We contributed this guest post, titled “Hiring for the Holidays? Don’t Forget Direct Mail!

Here is an excerpt:

“This is the time of year that retailers with brick-and-mortar stores hire extra staff for the holidays to ensure they are well prepared for the influx of foot traffic at their stores. If you are a retailer selling primarily online you may find yourself doing the same thing, only for you it may take the form of filling out their logistics team to ensure your delivery system doesn’t miss a beat. But in order for that online foot traffic to get there, your prospective customers have to know your brand exists, what you offer, and why they should be interested. Now, you probably wouldn’t hire extra marketing staff to get the job done, but you could “hire” a direct mail promotional campaign instead. This extra “employee” could range from a simple postcard campaign to a more elaborate booklet or catalog of products. Drop in a discount on the order or shipping, and you’ll find yourself converting more customers this holiday season.”

Explore the full post here on their site.

We also contributed this guest post, titled “5 Ways to Thank Your Customers This Holiday Season.”

Here is an excerpt:

“Send them a note. It may sound cliché, but a heartfelt, handwritten note really does go a long way toward showing someone you appreciate them. The fact that you sat down and put pen on paper illustrates the importance of the relationship and helps build brand loyalty. Highlight your customers on social media. This can be as involved as a complete marketing campaign with holiday case studies and multiple social media posts, or as simple as a dedicated hashtag and a few posts thanking your customers on Instagram or Facebook. Reposting your customers’ own user-generated content is another way to spread the holiday spirit and encourage consumer engagement with your brand.”  

Explore the full post here on their site.

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