3 Reasons to Green-Light Direct Mail

3 Simple Reasons Direct Mail makes sense (and may get through better than digital).




August 6, 2015

For these hot days of summer, we've pulled together three bite-sized reasons why direct mail should be part of your communication plan:

1. Print Stands Out

Which would you notice more, an email in your packed inbox or a piece of mail you can touch and feel in your mailbox?


2. Impression Guaranteed

Direct Mail is the only channel that virtually guarantees an “impression.” Your mail piece must be physically handled by the recipient.

A whopping 79% of households read or scan the advertising mail they receive.² 

3. Stretch Out

In a world where you're trying to tell your story in 280 characters or less, direct mail offers you the luxury of being able to stretch out a bit with more real estate for your message.

You can tell a multi-layered story, building the customer experience with each layer. In a single mail letter package for instance, you can begin with a teaser message on the envelope, expand on it with the letter, incorporate impactful graphics and a buckslip for more illustration, and a clear response mechanism. You have options and variety and your customer will hold it right in their hands.


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