Is Your Direct Mail Too Slow & Costly?

Direct mail gets there faster and is cheaper through dropshipping and logistics management.




April 25, 2013

Here’s a word for you that just might save you delivery time and money on your next standard mailing: DROPSHIPPING.

Dropshipping shortens the delivery. It cuts steps in between Compu-Mail and your clients’ mailboxes. It’s "disintermediation." (Remember the term from your economic courses? The removal of intermediaries.)

Dropshipping Analysis Quote

Although dropshipping won’t magically eliminate all stops between your mail’s production and its final destination, it does eliminate several stops, decreasing the time of mail flow from 7-10 days to 2-5 days.

Dropshipped Mail Flow

The method that cuts costs

So how is it that dropshipping can cut out three or even four stops from the regular mail flow? With dropshipping, more than 80% of mail enters the mail stream at the Sectional Center Facility (SCF), with the remaining 20% or less entering at the Network Distribution Center (NDC).

By palletizing the mail—combining several projects on one pallet—it can be sorted in such a way that it can be cleared on site, then shipped directly to the SCF closest to your customers right from one of Compu-Mail’s facilities. Essentially the job of the first processing facility is done! There is no need for the transportation hubs that follow in the regular mail flow. The mail can be dropped directly at the SCF or NDC level depending on its qualifications.

This cost-cutting process is dependent on a mailing’s nature, as mentioned earlier. A high volume of mail going to a concentrated area works best. For example, if multiple mailings have enough pieces going to the same geographic location to fill a truck, we can send that truck directly where it needs to go.

Dropshipping Analysis Quote

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