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Compu-Mail Now Uses Quadient iX-9

Compu-Mail is bringing our direct marketing expertise to the next level via the Quadient iX-9 Series, the next generation in high-volume mailing. This high-output mailing and shipping system boasts a powerful mix of hardware and software and is set to make traditional mailing practices obsolete. 

The iX-9 Series  is powered by S.M.A.R.T., an online management tool that allows us to manage, track, and control your mail and shipping operations and associated postage costs with relative ease. 

This mailing system also has the ability to print intelligent postage indicia that meet the latest USPS technology requirement. There’s no need for adhesive stamps. Ink shortage won’t be a problem as well, as each ultra-high-capacity ink tank can yield up to 115,000 IMI imprints. 

The iX-9 Series can also print your company logo or any marketing message on your envelopes quickly. You can either select from a library of over 100 images, or you can have us input your own design in minutes. Finally, we can even print your mails’ destination stickers and track parcel delivery using the Neoship online suite for your peace of mind. 

Probably the iX-9 Series’ biggest innovations are its high-volume mail output and nearly full automation, making it perfect for Compu-Mail’s usual clientele. It boasts a processing speed of up to 300 letters per minute, which means we can take on any mail printing job regardless of size and scope. What’s more, it automatically seals, weighs, measures, meters, and stacks mail, effectively reducing the number of starts and stops in the entire process. It can even easily take on envelopes of varying sizes and thicknesses, from postcards to puffy envelopes. 

The Quadient iX-9 Series is set to revolutionize the way that we handle your direct mail marketing needs. Compu-Mail is beyond excited to share our latest acquisition with our valued customers. Now, we can double, even triple, your mailing print demands in the shortest possible time.