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Effective Casino Marketing Strategies: Boosting Success

Looking to maximize player participation? Try leveraging a trigger marketing program using the information you collect when you assign player numbers to each of your patrons.

Leverage Your Data

Each player card collects behavior-based information including gaming, dining, and entertainment history.

Aggregating customer data from each line of business into one database gives you the ability to develop your data by creating programs that add value to the data points, allowing you to look for patterns in the data.

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Personalize the Message

Reward customers for coming back to and spending more money at your casino by offering unique incentives and discounts by connecting casino gaming information with hotel stay information.

Send personalized direct mail pieces including (but not limited to) invitations, self-mailers, monthly newsletters/booklets featuring a combination of bar codes, coupons, QR codes, and ticket offers.

You can choose to make the piece fully variable, with each page containing fully customized offers and images, or you can make the piece more static, where only a couple pages are customized.

Hit the Millennial Jackpot

With a vast majority of millennials already well above the legal gambling age, casinos have to start gearing toward millennial guests, by adding new, skill-based machines.

If you are one of those casinos, consider sending your millennial patrons personalized pieces of mail (studies show they love direct mail!) advertising your new machines.

Combine the advertisements with other offers based on their unique player number, and you’ll be sure to hit the millennial jackpot.

The Takeaway

Maximize player participation by setting up a behavioral-based trigger marketing program that allows you to reward customers for returning to your casino.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2016 and has been updated for accuracy, relevance, and comprehensiveness.