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Automated Postcard Mailing: How to Get Started?

Boost your campaigns and easily connect with audiences by automating classic marketing channels to achieve success.

Automated postcards are tailored messages, images, and offers that ensure a personalized experience for recipients. Businesses can efficiently design, personalize, and send postcards to targeted audiences using automation tools. Automated postcards help streamline the entire process, from design to delivery, allowing businesses to improve efficiency and timely delivery while maximizing the impact of their marketing campaigns. Whether it is welcoming new customers, expressing gratitude, or promoting special offers, automated postcards offer a convenient and effective way to connect with audiences and drive engagement.

Why are Automated Postcards Important for Organizations?

Automation and on-demand printing have simplified the process of sending postcards to the right audience. Organizations can now effortlessly print and deliver postcards to individual addresses through a fully automated process with just a few clicks, regardless of the database size. These are effective follow-ups for businesses to re-engage targeted audiences.

Automated postcards play a pivotal role in the marketing strategies of various organizations. Here’s why they are essential:

  1. Non-profit Companies

    Automated postcards help non-profit organizations efficiently communicate with donors, volunteers, and supporters. They can use postcards to share updates on projects, express gratitude for donations, or promote upcoming events.

  2. Educational Facilities

    Educational institutions, such as schools and universities, can benefit from automated postcards to keep students, parents, and alumni informed about important dates, academic achievements, or fundraising initiatives. Postcards can also be used to encourage enrollment or participation in extracurricular activities.

  3. Services Industries

    Businesses in service-oriented industries, such as healthcare, hospitality, or consulting, rely on automated postcards to engage with clients, patients, or customers. Postcards can be used to send appointment reminders, promote special offers, or solicit feedback on services provided.

    Automated postcards are crucial in modern business marketing strategies. They offer a personalized and tangible way to connect with customers. These postcards also allow for greater scalability, enabling businesses to reach a larger audience with easy customization. Moreover, they can be used to foster customer relationships by sending timely and relevant messages.

Automated Postcard Vs. Classic Postcard


Automated Postcard 

Classic Postcard 

Creation Process 

Automated design and printing process  Manually designed and printed 


Highly customizable  Limited options 


Efficient & automated distribution to databases  Requires manual addressing & mailing 

Cost efficiency 

Cost-effective due to automated processes  May incur high costs for manual labor 


Ideal for both small and large-scale marketing efforts  Suitable for small-scale campaigns 


Easily adaptable to changes and updates  Less adaptable to dynamic changes 

Tracking & Analytics 

Provides comprehensive tracking and analytics features  Limited tracking capabilities 

Types of Messages That can be Sent Automatically via Postcards

Automated postcard messages are a smart way to make customers feel more connected and make communication smoother. From making a positive first impression to expressing gratitude and keeping stakeholders informed, these automated messages significantly enhance customer relationships and business success. Below are the types of messages that can be sent through automated postcards:

  1. Welcome New Clients, Customers, and Donors

    Sending a welcome postcard to new clients or customers creates a positive first impression, fostering a sense of appreciation and value. Automated welcome messages help onboard new clients seamlessly, providing crucial information and making them feel part of the new community. They may also introduce key members of the team, provide contact information for assistance, and offer a brief overview of the products, services, or mission of the organization.

  2. Send a Thank-you Postcard for New Orders

    Automated thank-you postcards after new orders express gratitude to customers, reinforcing a sense of appreciation for their business. Including special offers or discounts in thank-you postcards can encourage customers to return for future purchases.

  3. Send Appointment Reminders

    Automated appointment reminders ensure customers are well-informed and prepared, reducing the chances of missed appointments. Streamlining appointment reminders through automation saves time and ensures consistent communication with clients or customers.

  4. Connect with Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

    Automated postcards facilitate connecting with real estate buyers and sellers by showcasing new property listings or highlighting seasonal market changes. Regular updates through postcards keep sellers informed about the progress of their listings and engage potential buyers effectively.

  5. Holiday Greetings

    Holiday greeting postcards can include warm seasonal wishes, festive imagery, and vibrant colors to capture the spirit of the occasion. Personalized messages expressing gratitude for the customer’s support can create a sense of connection and appreciation. Including a special holiday offer or discount can incentivize customers to engage with your business during the festive season.

  6. Express Gratitude to Donors

    Postcards to nonprofits can convey various messages, including event invitations, fundraising appeals, volunteer opportunities, donor appreciation, impact updates, and advocacy efforts. These postcards serve as powerful tools for fostering community engagement, raising awareness about social causes, and soliciting support from stakeholders, ultimately helping nonprofits fulfill their missions effectively.

Why is Personalizing Automated Postcards Important?

Making your direct mail campaign more effective involves personalization, a crucial step. Personalization is even more important when it comes to direct postcard mail because these postcards often showcase attractive pictures on one side. Adding a personal touch to your postcards can significantly boost your marketing efforts, especially when it’s already a common practice in digital marketing.

How to Personalize Automated Postcards?

Direct mail has become more popular with automation and advanced capabilities like mail tracking. A fundamental step in automated postcard mailing is personalization. It’s essential to customize your direct mail and postcards, tailoring them to the individual recipient’s needs. Personalization goes beyond just using automation; it ensures your message connects with the recipient on a personal level.

  1. Integrating with CRM

    You can connect automated direct mail services like Compu-Mail to your CRM by teaming up with the right developer. This lets you input data easily and create fully personalized postcards effortlessly. Direct access to this data opens exciting opportunities for your direct mail campaigns. For instance, you can showcase pictures of products or services that favor your audience’s interests, using insights from their purchase history or abandoned cart details. It’s like having a direct line to your customer information, making your mailings more tailored and engaging.

  2. Behavioral Triggers

    You can benefit from advanced direct mail solutions by using behavioral triggers in your customer database. These triggers help you send postcards that match your customers’ activities and preferences. It is a good idea to include postcard triggers in your existing email sequences to enhance your communication strategy.

Compu-Mail simplifies the process of customizing your postcard mailings. Tailor every detail, from content and images to design elements, with ease, empowering your business growth. Create distinct, personalized postcards that resonate with your target audience.

Best Practices for Automated Postcard Mailing

Automated postcard mailing is a powerful tool; adopting best practices ensures you make the most of it. Here are some tips to enhance your strategy:

  1. Audience Segmentation

    It is important to divide your audience into specific groups based on demographics, interests, or behavior. This allows for targeted messaging that resonates with each segment, increasing engagement and response rates.

  2. Compelling Design

    Creating visually appealing postcards with clear branding, high-quality images, and concise messaging will help grab recipient’s attention, increasing the likelihood of response.

  3. Clear Call to Action

    Try including a clear and concise call to action that guides recipients what you want them to do next, whether it’s visiting your website, making a purchase, or contacting you for more information. A compelling call to action encourages recipients to take the desired action, driving results for your campaign.

  4. Postage Optimization

    Optimizing postage costs by choosing the right postage option for your mailing volume and delivery timeline. Consider bulk mailing discounts, presorted postage rates, and delivery tracking options to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  5. Tracking and Measurement

    Implementing tracking mechanisms helps you monitor the performance of your postcard campaign and gather valuable data that can help you make informed decisions for future mailings. Tracking metrices can include response rates, conversion rates, and return on investment to evaluate the success of the campaigns.

Overcoming Challenges & Pitfalls with Automated Postcard Mailing

Sending automated postcards has its challenges, but you can make your campaign successful with the right strategies.

In automated postcard mailing, focus on creating personalized messages instead of sending generic content. Customize your postcards to connect with your audience, embracing an approach that caters specifically to their preferences rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all strategy.

In addition, ensure your data’s accuracy to avoid issues in your automated campaigns. Regularly update your customer information, address inaccuracies, and remove duplicate entries. Clean data ensures that your postcards reach the right recipients at the right addresses.

Moreover, budget constraints can be challenging, but careful planning and cost-effective choices can help you stay within your financial limits. Consider the size of your mailing list, printing options, and postage costs. By strategizing wisely, you can maximize the impact of your automated postcard campaign without breaking the bank.

Overcoming these challenges involves a combination of thoughtful planning, attention to detail, and leveraging the capabilities of automated solutions.

Future Trends in Automated Postcard Mailing

Automated postcard mailing is set to undergo major transformations in the future, driven by trends. Some of these trends are as follows:

  1. Technological Advancement

    Future postcards may feature interactive and smart designs, incorporating technologies like QR codes or augmented reality for an engaging recipient experience. Advanced automation tools will help with deep personalization, precisely tailoring postcards to individual preferences.

  2. Integration with Other Marketing Channels

    Automated postcard mailing seamlessly integrates with other marketing channels, creating synchronized campaigns. This approach ensures a consistent message across diverse platforms. Integration with email, social media, and other channels will help businesses to create more impactful and connected marketing strategies.

  3. Predictive Analysis and AI

    Predictive analysis and AI will revolutionize audience targeting, enabling businesses to identify and reach potential customers accurately. AI-driven tools will dynamically optimize postcard content based on recipient behavior and preferences, ensuring a relevant and compelling message every time.

Overall, in the future, technological advancements and strategic integrations will help transform automated postcard mailing into a dynamic and highly effective marketing tool.

Experience the Power of Automated Postcard Mailings with Compu-Mail

Direct mail has always been a dependable way to connect with your audience, and postcards create a strong emotional bond with recipients. With automation, businesses have elevated their direct mail marketing strategies, including sending personalized postcards and exclusive offers and discounts. The key to success in automated postcard mailing comes with personalization.

You need an advanced solution like Compu-Mail for automated postal mailing to achieve this. Compu-Mail helps streamline the direct mail process and offers tracking features and deep customization for your postcards. With advanced address verification, you can ensure that your postcards are always delivered to the right recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make an automated direct mail postcard?

A: To create an automated direct mail postcard, use a direct mail solution like Compu-Mail. Start by feeding your target audience data into the platform. Next, design a personalized postcard template, incorporating engaging visuals and compelling content. Then, set up automation rules specifying triggers for sending postcards. You can leverage features like A/B testing for optimization.

Q: What is the fastest way to mail postcards?

A: To achieve the quickest delivery of postcards, utilizing priority mail services provided by postal partners is the optimal route. These services prioritize mail delivery and typically boast faster processing times. Moreover, leveraging the expertise of companies such as Compu-Mail can further expedite the mailing process. With their proficiency and capability in optimizing mailings, including their offer of USPS Seamless Acceptance™, postcards can undergo quicker processing without the necessity of physically visiting a post office.

Q: Can I mail a postcard online?

A: Yes, you can mail a postcard online through a service like Compu-Mail that facilitates digital postcard creation and mailing. These platforms allow you to design your postcard, add a personalized message, and provide the recipient’s address. Once customized, the online service prints and mails the postcard on your behalf.

Q: Can you send a postcard by itself?

A: Postcards are designed to be a stand-alone form of communication, typically with a short message on one side and the recipient’s address on the other. They are mailed without an envelope, making them a convenient and straightforward way to share a message, image, or announcement.

Q: What is the sample size for postcards?

A: The sample size for postcards can vary significantly depending on factors such as the target audience, the purpose of the mailing campaign, and the budget of the sender. The standard postcard size is 4” x 6” or 5 x 7”. Read more for details on postcard sizes.