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Unleashing Non-Profit Direct Mail Marketing Potential

Insights from our Charity Connection Finalists

In their efforts to operate on little to no public funding, our five Charity Connection Finalists use several fundraising strategies. They shared with us that direct marketing is one of the big ones. We asked, “Why direct marketing?

SPCA Serving Erie County

1. We Reach People Directly With Our Message.

Barbara Carr values “being able to reach people directly with [a] message, whether it is by direct mail, email, Facebook, etc.” She has experienced the benefits of direct marketing first hand in her position as Executive Director of the SPCA Serving Erie County.

Amazed to this day, she tells the story of the appearance of a stranded dog at their veterinary office. “We posted [on Facebook] at three o’clock about it, and by seven at night it had 1,000 shares across 21 countries. It’s quick info!”

Finding people where they are is the trick. By bringing your message to your audience with direct marketing, you are guaranteed an increase in exposure and attention.‍

2. We Can “Stay on the Radar.”

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester, NY

Lori Stevenson, Marketing and Public Relations Director at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester, understands the media climate—it’s saturated and noisy. Direct marketing trudges through the noise to remind your target audience of your presence.

Lori explains, “It is absolutely huge for us. People are bombarded every day. Direct marketing helps us to stay in front of people, stay on their radar.”

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester uses direct marketing to contact past donors, past families, and potential donors. They share stories, send thank-yous, and detail how past donations have supported their work.

American Red Cross Serving Erie County

3. We Share Our Success Stories.

The American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy recounts their many service projects in regular newsletters. By doing so, their circle of donors and volunteers can stay informed and connected.

According to the Communications Coordinator of the Erie and Niagara Counties American Red Cross, Jay Bonafede, it is important to stay in touch with each of your target markets and to let them know what you are doing. In this way, new doors are opened, and old ones stay open.

4. It Gives Us Endless Creative Possibilities.

Mercy Flight of Western New York

At Mercy Flight of Western New York, manual newsletters and requests for donations go out twice a year.

Samantha Ryan is the Development Manager for the charity, and she sees benefit in eventually branching out from these staples. “Moving forward as an organization…some new ideas and new ways to use direct marketing would be very beneficial to the cause.”

Thus is the beauty of direct marketing. The variations are endless! You have the ability to reach specific targets with personalized messages, maximizing effectiveness.

Buffalo City Mission

5. We Can Let Supporters Know They Are Appreciated.

“We connect and stay connected with our donors and supporters with direct marketing,” says Kyle Patterson, Director of Development at Buffalo City Mission.

He continues: “For us it has been so important to communicate how significant our donations have been. It lets them know that their donations are acknowledged and appreciated.”

Buffalo City Mission uses direct marketing to recognize their supporters. Donors can feel good about seeing what the Mission has accomplished with their help. Building positive relationships with supporters forms loyalty—the gift that keeps giving.

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