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5 Can’t-Miss Articles From 2022

At the end of each year, we like to reflect on the content that resonated the most with our readers and think ahead to what we should feature next.

‍Here is our round up of can’t miss articles from 2022:

• The Future of Direct Marketing: Casino Marketing Tips

Now that we’ve found a way to work around the pandemic, casinos are back in business. To stand out in a sea of competition, here are some ways to step up your casino’s direct marketing strategies. 

Direct Marketing Statistics for 2022 

Any good marketer knows that despite the prevalence of the internet, direct marketing is here to stay. Need proof? Click the article to find out some direct marketing statistics this year that are hard to dismiss. 

2022 Postal Service Reform Act: What You Need to Know

The Postal Service Reform Act seeks a more coordinated and modernized way that your mail gets delivered. To learn more about how it has overhauled the US postal system, click on the article.  

10 Statistics for End-of-Year Fundraising Campaigns

People tend to be extra generous towards the end of the year. Take full advantage of the season of giving by designing a well-thought-out fundraising campaign. 

Busting Myths About Paper

While the planet is deteriorating at an alarmingly rapid rate, the manufacturing of paper isn’t one of its culprits. Click on the article to find out some common misconceptions about paper manufacturing. 

As 2023 approaches, we’d like to know what topics you would like us to cover. 

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