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Unleashing the Power: Benefits of Omnichannel Marketing

Marketers have experienced many ups and downs this year due to the pandemic. And until COVID-19 is completely under control, the business environment as we know it now will likely remain the same – uncertain and with changing restrictions.

To overcome any setbacks you may be facing as your business adapts to each set of guidelines, we recommend using an omnichannel approach to keep your customers updated on how you are continuing to operate.

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This will be especially important as we move into the winter months, where complications are added from flu and cold season, as well as losing some of the flexibility that some businesses may have been afforded by being able to conduct business outside.

Here are 3 ways that omnichannel marketing will win this winter.

  1. Omnichannel is critical for B2B right now.

It has been difficult to reach people at their office this year. Many companies made the decision early on to keep employees remote all year. Some companies brought people back into the office, but may now be considering sending them back to work from home as cases continue to surge, and cold and flu season starts up.

It may be a long time before people see the inside of their office or the mail on their desk.

That is not to say that you should not mail to businesses. However, it important to think strategically about what you are mailing them and how relevant your messaging will be if they do not see the piece for a few months.

It is also critical to send a supplemental email with the same or similar messaging and coordinate your social media efforts (especially on LinkedIn) to make sure they see your message one way or the other.

  1. Omnichannel helps B2C customers remember updates.

As your business adapts to the changing guidelines, it is important to make sure that your customers are aware of how you are operating.

Anecdote from our Marketing Manager:

“I have been seeing some great things on social media from my favorite restaurants and brands.

Everyone is sharing their business updates and making sure I know how to continue ordering from them. Unfortunately, with everyone posting updates, it is easy for them to get lost. I might visit their website once because of an update that I saw on Facebook, and then have to remember to check back through a brand’s Facebook page to find an update again. Depending on what else they are posting about, it might take some time to do so.

I think digital retargeting could really help here, and I saw this work well with Red Lobster. I was curious to see if they offered takeout options, so I looked at their website. As soon as I left, I saw retargeted ads on Instagram and Facebook.

I would love to see my favorite restaurants and brands doing this as well – it just makes things so much easier when the reminders are right in front of me, and I do not have to think about looking them up on my own.

This would also be great for keeping up on the status of a restaurant based on what micro-cluster zone they are in. I am not always sure what county some of them are in, so that makes it difficult to know if they are “Yellow” or “Orange” and what their options are for outdoor dining, takeout/curbside pickup, and delivery. There may come a point where outdoor dining is restricted again, or it might just get too cold for me to want to do so.

If I were to visit a website to see what the current status/operating procedure of a restaurant was, and then see ads later that were updated dynamically as conditions continued to change, it would be helpful for me to stay aware of how to best support my favorite restaurants.”

  1. Omnichannel makes marketing more accessible.

Consumers often have vastly different preferences. Some people prefer to respond to the marketing mail they get. Some will only respond to email offers. Some may prefer going through social media or directly through the website. Some people might have to see the message a few times on different platforms before they realize they are interested in the product or service being advertised.

With omnichannel marketing, you are putting consistent messaging out across multiple platforms, allowing your and customers to respond in the way that works best for them.

The Bottom Line

A strong omnichannel campaign is more critical than ever this year, especially as we move into winter months that will impacted by cold and flu season and less flexibility for outdoor options.