2023 Calendar:
WNY Featured Destinations

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Compu-Mail is located on Grand Island, nestled in the heart of Western New York surrounded by stunning natural landscapes and historic destinations that are sure to delight during every season. Whether you are local to Western New York or planning an upcoming visit, be sure to include the destinations we've featured in our 2023 calendar on your must-see stops.

Compu-Mail extends our sincere gratitude to all of the featured destinations for extending us the honor to showcase them in our 2023 calendar.

Come back at the start of each month to learn more about the featured destination of the month; it might just inspire you to plan a future visit to explore these and many other area destinations in person for yourself!

CompuMail Lewiston

January 2023

Freedom Crossing

Lewiston, New York

We're honored to begin our featured destination journey across Western New York by featuring Lewiston, NY. For them, 2023 marks a significant milestone - it's the 50th anniversary of the Historical Association of Lewiston's Founding. Be sure to visit their website to plan your visit and learn about all events planned for 2023.

Learn more about the Freedom Crossing monument and the significance to Lewiston, the former enslaved individuals and the people who assisted them in their journey towards freedom.

Compu Mail Erie Canal Lockport Locks

February 2023

Erie Canal &
Lockport Locks

Lockport, New York

In 2024, the Town will be celebrating its 200th anniversary. Lockport was formally established on February 2, 1824.
Lockport’s formation is intertwined with the Erie Canal. When the exact route of the Canal was determined, a village began to develop in what is now the City of Lockport.

Learn more about the history of Lockport by visiting the Lockport Historical Society website.

CompuMail Buffalo History Museum

March 2023

The Buffalo History Museum

Buffalo, New York

2012 Marked the 150th inaugural year for The Buffalo History Museum, formerly known as The Buffalo Historical Society. Their mission, vision, and core values speak to remembering and honoring our collective past.

Learn more about the history of this organization and their efforts to preserve and share Buffalo's rich history by visiting their website or by making an appointment to explore for yourself.

CompuMail McAdam Hotel

April 2023

McAdam Hotel

Barker, New York

Although this town is small, it has a mighty history here in Western New York and continues to feature historic remnants of its rich past. The first merchant in the area built a general store that was repurposed as the Barker Hotel and again as an apartment building that was owned by the Baker family until very recently when it was destroyed by fire.

Learn more about Barker's rich history or take a drive out to Barker to explore for yourself and end your day enjoying beautiful sunset and glass of wine at Chateau Niagara Winery (owned by Jim & Kathy Baker.)

CompuMail Graycliff

May 2023


Derby, New York

This significant historic site, with buildings and grounds designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and gardens and landscape designed by Ellen Biddle Shipman, was the summer home of Darwin and Isabelle Martin. A true historic gem only a short drive away in Derby, NY.

Learn more by visiting Graycliff's website and be sure to schedule a visit to experience for yourself.

CompuMail Martin House

June 2023

The Martin House

Buffalo, New York

This notable historical location situated in the Parkside neighborhood of Buffalo, NY, boasts impressive architecture and landscape by Frank Lloyd Wright and once served as the residence of Darwin and Isabelle Martin. It is a highly recommended featured destination worth visiting.

Explore further by visiting The Martin House website and seize the chance to witness it firsthand - be sure to schedule a visit today.

CompuMail Old Fort Niagara and Youngstown

July 2023

Old Fort Niagara & Youngstown

Youngstown, New York

Youngstown, located at the mouth of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario, is indeed a hidden oasis for visitors to enjoy. With its rich history dating back to the War of 1812, the village offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and a vibrant local community.   The month of July ignites with a medley of events, including the annual reenactment of the War of 1812 at Old Fort Niagara.  

Learn more by visiting The Youngstown Business Association, Fort Niagara State Park, and Old Fort Niagara's websites and be sure to plan a visit to this remarkable gem and embark on a personal voyage to embrace its wonders firsthand.

CompuMail Maid of the Mist

August 2023

Maid of the Mist

Niagara Falls, New York

Since its establishment in 1846, the timeless Niagara Falls boat tour has consistently captivated visitors worldwide, inviting them to witness the awe-inspiring grandeur and formidable might of the falls firsthand. It remains an unparalleled opportunity to immerse oneself in the majestic beauty and raw power of the falls, leaving a lasting impression on all who embark on this unforgettable experience.

Learn more by visiting the Maid of the Mist website and be sure to schedule a visit between mid April thru early November for a unique experience of the Falls.

CompuMail Roswell Park

September 2023

Roswell Park

Buffalo, New York

Come back August 1st to learn more about this featured destination.

CompuMail Niagara University

October 2023

Niagara University

Niagara University, New York

Come back September 1st to learn more about this featured destination.

CompuMail Earl W Brydges Library

November 2023

Earl W. Brydges Library

Niagara Falls, New York

Come back October 1st to learn more about this featured destination.

CompuMail Niagara Falls

December 2023

Frozen Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, New York

Come back November 1st to learn more about this featured destination.